Schedule your spring AC tune-up with Tin Man Heating & Cooling

undefinedWhether it’s your car or your air conditioner, a tune-up just makes sense. Spring is the best time to schedule an AC tune-up with the professionals at Tin Man. We’ll explain why in our latest blog.

Why You Should Get an AC Tune-Up

Routine maintenance of the air conditioner will pay high dividends in many ways. Periodic checkup of the air conditioner will ensure that the system performs efficiently without any unexpected breakdowns. It will ensure that you continue to remain cool and comfortable during hot summer months.

An air conditioner and heating unit should be scheduled for a tune-up at least once a year. If you reside in a region with extreme weather climate, and use the HVAC more frequently, you may need to schedule more frequent tune-ups.

A spring AC tune-up just makes sense

For most homeowners, spring is the best time to schedule for HVAC maintenance. It’s common for the heating and cooling unit to develop a few kinks after being exposed to the rain and snow during winter. A tune-up will resolve the problems caused by the icy winter months.

Scheduling an AC tune-up during the spring can help identify problems that if not addressed could result in costly repairs. Waiting to schedule a tune-up after the start of the summer season is a huge gamble. You should not wait until the system develops a major fault before calling a professional.

The professional technicians at Tin Man will perform a thorough inspection of the heating and cooling unit to ensure that everything is in perfect order. We’ll check whether there are any problems with the evaporator coils, fan blower, drain pipe, and condensation line.

Our professional will also check whether there is a refrigerant leak that could result in premature failure of the unit. If you take chances and do not schedule a routine HVAC tune-up, you increase the risk of costly repair issues that could leave a big dent in your wallet.

Consider it a part of your spring cleaning!

Spring season is generally the time when people freshen up the home. This makes it the ideal time for home maintenance tasks, such as a spring AC tune-up. Most homeowners can easily fit in a tune-up during the spring cleaning schedule, so give Tin Man a call today!

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Tin Man Heating & Cooling offers expert AC maintenance in northwestern Ohio. Our highly trained and courteous technicians perform a thorough inspection of the heating and cooling system.

They will check the coils, refrigerant, air filter, condensation line, fan motor, and many other critical components of the unit. Our staff has earned a reputation for providing affordable and high quality services.

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