What are the signs that you need a new water heater?

undefinedThe last thing you want to discover in the morning when you’re getting ready is that you have no hot water for showering, doing dishes, or running the laundry. It’s so inconvenient for you and your family. Instead, look for the signs you need a new water heater. We’ll review some of these signs in our new blog post!

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#1. Your heater is more than a decade old

Most standard water heaters last from 10-12 years. Any life after that is a bonus, but you need to keep an eye on your system so you’re not caught off-guard by a breakdown.

You have two options for dealing with your water heater at this junction: either replace it with a new water heater if your budget allows or call Tin Man out when you suspect you’re having problems so that we can inspect the tank and connections.

#2. You use your water heater more than most

Your water heater’s lifespan also depends on how frequently it is used. A household with more than 5 people that uses hot water throughout the day will put more stress on their water heater than a household of two that uses their water heater once per day.

If your household uses your water heater more frequently than most, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on it—especially around the 9-10 year mark.

#3. There are any water heater leaks

Water heater leaks are a very serious problem and can result in bigger issues down the road, including the complete failure of the water heater tank. Keep an eye on your water heater for imminent signs of leaks. If you notice significant corrosion developing around the heater’s base or the water pipes, it can soon result in leaks.

The growth of mold on the surface of the water heater is also an indication that moisture is seeping through the body of the heater. In case of any of these signs of impending leaks rear their head, call Tin Man. We’ll inspect your water heater and advise you on whether we can repair the issue or if it’s time to replace it with a new unit.

#4. There are signs of internal corrosion

Internal corrosion is one of the decisive factors that tells you to get a new water heater. This is because internal corrosion cannot be reversed and the problem will only get worst with time. Essentially, water heaters have an internal “sacrificial” anode rod that is supposed to take up the rust. But, even these rust up, leaving the bottom of the tank to rust.

Internal corrosion can easily be detected if hot water smells or tastes like metal or iron. If corrosion is of a high degree, then you will notice reddish or brown tinge in the water.

Here’s a good way to run a test if you’re not sure. Try tasting both cold and hot water in your home. The cold water from the tap will probably taste normal, while the hot water will have the metallic taste if there’s corrosion problem.

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