What's The Best Time For Furnace Maintenance?

Air filterThe best way to ensure that your home’s furnace continues to perform without trouble is to have the professionals at Tin Man provide annual heating maintenance.

The regular servicing of the heater will ensure that the system does not breakdown when you need it the most: during the cold, frigid winter months.

Why do you Need Heating Maintenance?

Keeping the heater serviced will ensure optimal operating efficiency. This will also keep the energy bills down as the system will not strain in generating hot air. It will also reduce the chances of costly repairs making a big dent in your pockets.

The importance of regular heating maintenance cannot be denied. You must have the heater serviced at least once a year to ensure optimal heating. The main question is: when is the right time to service the heater?

You will know about the answer to this question after reading this article.

So, when is the best time to schedule heating maintenance?

Experts say that the best time to service the heater is a month before you will be use it the most. In other words, you should have the heater serviced a month before the start of fall when the temperature starts to decrease.

Things are a bit more complicated in case of a combination heating and cooling device. You should consider the length of the cold and hot months. If the cold season is longer than the hot months, you should consider having the system repaired before the start of the cold season. In contrast, if the hot months tend to be longer than cold months, you should better have the combination heater/cooler serviced before the start of the hot season.

In case your area receives equal months of hot and cold months, you should choose the months after the summer season has ended. This is due to the simple fact that summers tend to be dustier than winter months. So, the unit will probably require servicing right after the end of the summer season.

Consider scheduling multiple annual inspections

That being said, if you can afford more than one inspections in a year, then that is probably the best course of action. Servicing the heater will ensure optimal heating throughout the winter months. It will also result in reduced energy bills and increased lifespan of the air conditioner.

Never wait for more than one year after an inspection of the unit. There is a possibility that some defect may be present, which, if not resolved immediately, may result in a system breakdown that may even require replacement.

Schedule heating maintenance with Tin Man

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