6 signs that you need a new AC unit installed by Tin Man

undefinedAir conditioning is important for comfort during hot summer months. A unit that is well maintained will last for decades. However, what are the signs that you need to new AC unit installed in the home? You should continue reading to find out.

1. Your current air conditioning unit is old

The foremost sign that your air conditioner might need to be replaced is that it is more than 15 years old. Older systems are prone to frequent breakdowns and—as a general rule-of-thumb—are less energy-efficient.

When a system has come to the end of its life, it will require more frequent repairs. In most cases, replacing the air conditioner in this situation is the right move.

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2. Your ESHY score is more than 5

Another way to determine whether you should change the air conditioner is to look at the Energy Start Home Energy Yardstick (ESHY) score. You need to provide information for the system to generate a score, such as your ZIP code, your annual energy bills, and your home’s square footage.

An ESHY score of more than 5 means that you should consider installing a new air conditioner.

3. Your AC needs costly repairs

If the air conditioner requires costly repairs, you should consider whether you will be better off by purchasing a new unit. Certain repair costs, such as compressor or evaporator coil replacement, amount to thousands of dollars. In such a situation, you should buy a new air conditioner.

Plus, a new air conditioner is going to be more energy-efficient than your older model, resulting in long-term cost savings that help offset needing to upgrade to a new system.

4. The system keeps inconsistent temperatures

Another sign that you should replace the air conditioner is inconsistent temperatures. This usually occurs due to the wrong placement of the thermostat, poor insulation, or air leakage. However, older systems also struggle to cool the entire house. If other factors are ruled out, you should consider installing a new AC unit in case of inconsistent temperature.

5. Your home has seen higher humidity levels

Older units struggle to perform efficiently. These units do not adequately cool the room. They don’t even dehumidify the room as they should. If you find the rooms to be hot and humid even when turning on the air conditioner, you should consider buying a new unit.

6. You’ve been seeing high energy bills

A high energy bill is a sign that you may need to replace the air conditioner. When the system has come to the end of its life, it will strain to generate cool air. The old and worn-out components will not work efficiently to cool the rooms. This will result in increased energy bills.

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New air conditioners are more energy-efficient in comparison to older models. Many states offer credits on purchase of new air conditioners. Contact us at Tin Man Heating & Cooling for new air conditioner installation. We will guide you in selecting the right air conditioner that meets your home cooling requirements.