Here are 4 common AC problems (and when you need to call us!)

undefinedWhen the temperature rises and your air conditioner is not cooling efficiently, you require a quick solution to the problem. Most issues with the air conditioner can only be resolved by a professional technician. However, some common AC problems can easily be solved by homeowners by taking simple measures.

Here we will take a look at some of the common air conditioner problems and possible solutions.

1. Your air conditioner does not turn on

In case the air conditioner does not turn on, the problem may simply be a tripped fuse. You should check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. Resetting the circuit breaker may resolve the problem.

Loose or faulty wiring can also be a reason for the issue. It’s also possible that the air conditioner won’t turn on because it has broken down. If you’ve tried the circuit breaker, give our team a call.

2. Your AC is short cycling

Sometimes, the air conditioner unit turns on and off repeatedly. This is usually caused due to a blocked condenser or evaporator. You should check the vents in your home and remove any obstructions.

In some cases, the cycling issues are caused by the accumulation of dirt inside the unit. A unit that is too large for the house can also lead to cycling problem. In these situations, you should contact an air conditioner technician from Tin Man to resolve the problem.

3. Inadequate cooling

If the air conditioner is not adequately cooling the rooms, you should consider lowering the temperature. Sometimes, inadequate cooling is caused by an open window inside the house. Closing the open windows can resolve the problem. If the issue is still not resolved, you should contact an experienced air conditioner technician from Tin Man.

Some of the probable causes of inadequate cooling include dirty filters and the wrong cooling unit size. Also, remember that if the temperature outside soars above 100 degrees, the air conditioner will struggle to keep the room cool.

4. Thermostat is not working

A thermostat may fail to work if the battery is dead. Simply replacing the thermostat battery can resolve the issue. An incorrectly calibrated thermostat can also result in issues with thermostat. In this case, you should call a professional technician from Tin Man to recalibrate the thermostat. Older thermostats tend to have calibration problems. Newer programmable thermostats generally don’t have this problem.

While you can resolve some common AC problems — such as replacing the battery and turning on the circuit breakers — advanced repairs should be left to a professional. You should avoid DIY repairs, as they can lead to major problems with the unit. Also, they can pose a fire and electrical hazard for inexperienced homeowners. In contrast, professional technicians use safety gear and equipment to diagnose and resolve issues.

Call Tin Man for help with common AC problems

If you reside in the Bowling Green or Findlay area, you should contact Tin Man Heating and Cooling. We have a team of highly experienced and licensed professionals who can resolve all kinds of common AC problems.