Homeowner Fall Checklist

Fall is around the corner. We know it’s almost here because our favorite coffee stops are releasing all things pumpkin spice flavored. Which means it’s time to take a look at our homes and get them ready and prepped for the cooler temperatures.

Fall Checklist for Homeowners

Gutters and Downspouts

Grab a ladder or hire a contractor to take a look at your gutters and downspouts. Check for any debris/clogs, cracks, or tears in the gutter system itself. Any extra debris can create clogs when it begins to rain. This will blog the water flow and swell up in the gutters. Make sure it’s still mounted on the trim of the house. This can damage the roof, siding, and the ground beneath your home.

Weatherstripping Air Seals

Next up is checking for leaks in your home. Not water leaks, but air leaks. Visit each window in your home and check the seal of the window to the frame. What does the weatherstripping look like? Is it torn? Any noticeable openings? If you place your hand nearby the seals, do you feel any slight breeze or movement? That could be an indication of an air leak. Think of these leaks as openings for your warm air to escape out of when things get cold. This means you will be cranking up the head because the room isn’t at a stable temperature.

Outdoor Gap Sealing

It’s not often that we take a walk around our own home. Take a look at all the walls, corners, the base of your home where it meets the ground. Take notice of any open holes or gaps that are large enough for any critters to slide into. Plug up any outdoor gaps or seal up any major cracks. The last thing you want is to invite some type of creature into your home and giving it a new place to live.

Trees and Shrubs

Summer was great to the plant and tree life in your yard, it’s time to take a clipper, hedger, or saw to these guys and shape them up. Trimming more off ahead of time before fall hits and leaves/branches die and fall off, will prevent more clean up for when it does happen.

If you notice anything already turning yellow, nick that before it dies and falls. Avoid planting any new trees or shrubs, plantlife is getting ready to slow down growth for the season. Hire a gardener or break out the gloves. Grab all the dead debris you can clean out.

Check the less traveled portions of your home, are there weeds sprouting around? Don’t forget to get them before they spread.

HVAC Tune-Up

Your HVAC unit requires regular checkups and small repairs here and there. How is it currently performing? Have you tested out your heat yet? If not, hold off an call a trusted and certified technician to come to check it out for you. Furnaces last around 20 years and the ac system is about 10 to 15. If it’s time for a repair, give us a call today. Our Bowling Green heating experts also offer a number of installation options for homes of all sizes.

Tin Man Heating & Cooling

One of the most important things to us is your comfort, and this is why our heating and furnace installations are handled both professionally and promptly to ensure no lapse in time from the day we begin to the day we complete the job. Each and every installation comes with 10-year parts and labor warranty on all furnaces. We truly can’t be beaten.