Here are some of the most common winter indoor air quality problems

undefinedEach season brings its own unique indoor air quality challenges. Winter, in particular, is a bad season for indoor air quality. In most other times of the year, you can open your windows to get some fresh, outside air and keep things circulating. When it’s 20 and cloudy out? Not so much!

In this blog, we’ll review some common winter indoor air quality issues, and how Tin Man can help you address these problems.

3 common winter indoor air quality issues

Here are three of the most common indoor air quality issues to be on the lookout for this winter:

#1. Dust in your air ducts

Over time, your air ducts accumulate dust, grime, and much more. Here in northwest Ohio, there’s a peak time of year where we’re all using our HVAC systems. Hint: it’s right now, during the winter. That means more air is being pushed out your vents—and more dust.

All that dust, trapped allergens, and grime can trigger allergies, causing coughing, or introduce general winter lethargy into your home. Getting rid of dust is harder than it seems, too: even if you dust your living spaces, you’ll need a professional to help you clean out the air ducts.

Enter Tin Man! We offer air duct cleaning services, and our techs are experts at finding ways to remove dust and more from your home’s air ducts.

#2. Trapped inside with viruses

We’re in the peak of flu season right now, and it feels like everyone is coming down with something.

Ever wonder why winter is a time of sickness? It’s because we all spend more time indoors, trapped with viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants.

Even if you’re a clean homeowner, the stale air in your house (it’s not like you can open your windows for fresh air in these temperatures!) can still provide refuge for viruses.

The best way to deal with this is to have Tin Man install a UV lamp or air purifier in your home. This will help keep your home’s air fresh and disease-free.

As an added benefit, your home will smell better and feel healthier!

#3. Your air is too dry

In the winter, the air outside (and inside) dries out. You may notice the seasonal onset of annoyances such as dry, cracked skin; chapped lips; and dry eyes.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to live with dry air when you’re at home. With the help of a whole-home humidifier installed by the Tin Man team, your inside air will be re-balanced.

By adding some humidity to the air, you’ll also feel another benefit: dry air feels colder against your skin, while humid air retains heat. As a result, you won’t have to turn up that thermostat quite as much the rest of this winter. That can save you a lot of money!

Call Tin Man for winter indoor air quality help!

If you feel your air is too dry, making you sick, or just plain dusty, it’s time to call in the friendly experts at Tin Man. Our experienced team will test and and then address your indoor air quality problems. To get started, contact our team today!