Available Home Cooling Solutions

Available Home Cooling Solutions

For over 30 years, we here at Tin Man Heating & Cooling Inc. have been putting our heart into everything we do. Our team of skilled technicians is here and ready to go above and beyond for our community. Summer is approaching us once again, and it’s time to think about what you’ll be doing for your home’s cooling needs this upcoming season.

Whether your cooling system is in need of repair, regular maintenance, replacing, or it’s just old, we are here to help!

Cooling Your Home During the Hot Summer

Now that summer is here in just a couple of weeks; it is time to get a move on with getting your HVAC up and running. When is the last time that you had your cooling system up and running? Has it been a while?

If that is the case, you may want to re-think just turning it on. Your cooling system may require a tune-up. It’s best to find out sooner rather than later during the summer heat.

If you notice that your system isn’t working correctly, you may not need to replace it. We prepare repairs on a multitude of brands. We take pride in our technicians having experience with hundreds of brands when it comes to A/C repair.

Our air conditioning repair protocol is designed to help you get your property comfortable without the stress. We are firm believers in doing things right the first time, and we set out to achieve this each time we head out to perform a repair.

After a visit from us or if you’re building a new home and you’re in need of a new AC unit, look no further. We have a wide variety of options for homeowners to choose from when it comes to selecting their new AC unit. We will also be the ones to assist with installing your new home system. Keep in mind, our services all come with a 10-year warranty.

For just $13.95 per month, we will reach out to you regularly and inspect your HVAC unit. We also give our club members a 10% discount on future maintenance work. One of the ways to avoid an emergency during the summer is to sign up. We will make sure your HVAC is in tip-top shape.

What is Geothermal and How Does It Help You?

We pride ourselves on using innovative technology when it comes to servicing our community. We happen to be one of the leading geothermal heating and cooling services in Northwest Ohio.

What is a geothermal system? Simply put, a pipe runs deep below your home to tap into the air beneath the earth then brings it to the surface to be enjoyed by homeowners. It works for both heating and cooling.

In the summer, these pipes will work to pull the hot air out of your home and in the winter, it works by sending the warm air in. This system has helped homeowners see a 70% decrease in both cooling and heating bills. Not to mention, the state of Ohio offers a number of federal, state, and private tax credits for homeowners that use this heating and cooling system.

Emergency Services in Charleston

If you have any HVAC emergencies, contact us immediately. We are available 24/7 to assist our community when they need us the most. There is no extra charge for emergencies when we come out to help.

You can rest assured that you will get quality service from an industry-certified and honest technician and won’t be billed unfairly. We won’t add costs if your repairs take longer than we expect and our flat rate applies to all jobs, no matter how time-consuming.

Your Bowling Green Heating and Cooling Experts

We grant a 100% guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our services. For over 30 years, Tin Man Heating & Cooling Inc. have been winning over generations of loyal customers in Bowling Green, Findlay, and surrounding areas. Contact us today or visit us to schedule an appointment now.