Should My Windows Be Resealed?

From time to time, windows need to be resealed. After several years, the caulking can become old and cracked, causing gaps that let cold air, hot air, and moisture inside of your home. This can cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder to maintain an even temperature. It can also cause your home to be hot in the summer and have cold spots in the winter. But when is the right time to reseal windows? Here are a few things that you can check.

How to Tell if Your Windows Need to be Resealed

If you're feeling drafts near your windows, this is a good indicator that you might have gaps that need to be closed up. This is most obvious in the winter time, but you might not want to wait until winter hits to do this project. If you have a large crack in the caulking, you might need to do it right away, but if you reseal in the spring or fall, you'll minimize the amount of expansion and contraction that occurs because of changing temperatures.

Steps to Take to Find Out If You Need to Reseal
One of the first things you will check for is gaps between the caulk and the window casing. Run your hands along the casing to find these, and notice if there is even a small amount of draft. You also want to check the caulk and the weather stripping for brittleness and flaking. If you find this, then you should replace them.

When Resealing Isn't Enough
If the sealing is broken down and moisture has been getting in, you might have rot on the wood. This is one instance in which you won't be able to simply reseal; the entire window will need to be replaced. Another sign that your window needs to be replaced is moisture between the two panes of glass.

Sealing is an economical way to save on your energy bills, keep your house at an even temperature, and prolong the structural integrity of your windows. For your heating system to work at it's best, calling us for a tune-up is one way to go, but also making sure your windows are completely sealed to keep out the cold is another major factor. Take a moment to walk by your home's windows and check the sills and caulk.