Homeowner Guide to Improve Airflow

Your home has a separate environment from the world outside. The interior has a comfortable temperature with protection from local weather, from windy days to stormy nights. The air circulating within the home should be a concern as a result of this fact. You want clean and healthy air that's always moving in and out of the interior space. At Tin Man Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on keeping your home as comfortable and healthy as possible. Get to know the basics surrounding improved airflow throughout your home. Every resident benefits at the end of the day.

Looking at the Vents

Improving the home's airflow always starts with a vent check. Your home has a mixture of incoming and exhaust vents. None of these vents should be covered. Move furniture, boxes and any other obstacles that may be in front of these vents. Air must be able to move freely. Your system won't operate as well as it should be without open vents.

Listening to the HVAC System

Your heating-and-cooling system should have a soft hum to its operations. It's background noise during the day. Take a moment, however, to listen to the system as it goes through a cycle.

The air shouldn't sound as if it's struggling. If you're concerned, start with a look at the system's filter. A dirty filter hinders airflow. Wash or replace the filter, depending on its design. Ideally, rinse or replace your filter every few months. It captures particles that can otherwise clog your system and shower your home with excessive debris.

Vacuuming Away Dust

You may be surprised at all of the dust that settles on the interior, HVAC system. Don't hesitate to take a vacuum hose to the exterior parts. Carefully suck away any dust that's easy to reach on the exposed surfaces. If any area is too difficult to reach, allow the professionals to tackle this job.

Removing the dust gives the HVAC system a chance to cool off as it operates. Dust creates a blanket, which warms the components. Hot parts work harder than they should so your airflow efficiency declines. Proper operational temperatures lead to strong airflow with every HVAC session.

Adding Indoor Plants

An overlooked trick to improving household airflow and quality is adding indoor plants. Every plant transpires with the world around it. This function equates to breathing in human beings.

Add shade-loving plants to the home so that they can "breathe" in carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen. Many plants even take a few toxins out of the air and deposit them in their soil. Consider two plants in every room to make a difference in your air quality.

Rinsing Screen Windows

At times, the exterior conditions may be perfect with the home's windows open for the fresh air. Airflow shouldn't be a concern right now. However, problems arise if the window screens are dingy and clogged.

Remove and rinse the screens on a regular basis. They may appear to be transparent, but tiny particles cling to the mesh. You won't have the best airflow into the home with dirty screens.

Evaluating a Property

Residents can certainly make a difference in their own homes by following these suggestions. Turning to the professionals is also a clever way to improve airflow. At Tin Man Heating & Cooling, we offer many services that can change your interior air. It all starts with an at-home evaluation.

Our professionals arrive at your home and look at every detail surrounding your HVAC system. A few improvements might involve:

• A yearly cleaning service

• Mechanical adjustments

• Updating old parts

Every property is different so be open to these suggestions and more as the professionals learn about your property.

Cleaning out the Ducts

A standard service that Tin Man offers is duct cleaning. Air flowing from your HVAC system and into each room requires hidden ductwork. These conduits may create a pathway of air through the home, but that fact doesn't mean that they're always clean. Dust and debris will settle in the ducts over time.

Our professionals clean out the ducts and use a camera to verify the results. After the service, your airflow improves with fewer particles being transported throughout the home.

Installing Alarms

Tin Man can also install a number of alarms in your home. These devices aren't for security, however. Air-quality alarms are critical to your health and safety.

Consider installations of these devices, such as:

• Fire detectors

• Carbon-monoxide monitors

If your interior air is ever compromised with toxins, these alarms will alert the entire family. Our professionals will choose a proper location for the alarms so that they faithfully operate for many years.

Controlling Humidity

Ohio can get downright sticky during the summer and dry in the winter. Be ready for any weather event by adding dehumidifiers or humidifiers to the home. Our experts install the devices alongside your HVAC system. They remove or add moisture to the air as necessary.

Ideally, your home should have humidity levels that range between 30 and 50 percent. Most people feel comfortable within this range. The air quality also improves because it doesn't feel too muggy or dry. Our team can create an inviting interior as the installed devices control the moisture levels.

Contact Tin Man Heating & Cooling today at (855) 625-1413. You can also visit us at https://www.tinmanheating.com/. Let our professionals show you the best way to improve your home's airflow. Simple tips and tricks can make a huge difference in your health and energy bill.