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Perrysburg, Ohio, is where historic charm meets modern living. From strolling the quaint downtown to exploring Fort Meigs, there’s something for everyone. But when unpredictable Ohio weather strikes, you deserve a comfortable home to return to. Enter Tin Man Heating and Cooling, Inc.—your local heating, plumbing, and cooling experts.

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Why Choose Tin Man Heating and Cooling, Inc.?

With over three decades of experience, Tin Man Heating and Cooling, Inc. is Perrysburg’s go-to plumbing and HVAC team. Here’s what makes us the trusted choice:

We’ve Got Your Back, 24/7
Is your furnace acting up during a snowstorm, or is your AC out on a sweltering Labor Day weekend? Has a sudden pipe burst left you in two feet of water? Don’t sweat it (literally). We offer round-the-clock emergency service because we understand comfort can’t wait.
The Best of the Best
Our Perrysburg plumbers and technicians are highly skilled, always professional, and treat your home with respect. We’re the people you invite over for a barbecue, not just into your home for a Perrysburg ac repair. Expect friendly service, clear explanations, and a job done right.
Hometown Heroes
More than technicians, we’re Perrysburg residents ourselves. Our kids might play on the same sports teams as yours, or you may have seen us volunteering at a community event.
Bottom line: we’re invested in making Perrysburg the best it can be, and that includes ensuring our neighbors have reliable heating and cooling. Don’t face Perrysburg’s unpredictable weather on your own. Reach out to the pros at Tin Man for superior service you can trust.

Ready to experience reliable comfort, top-notch service, and the peace of mind that comes from working with a local team you trust? Contact Tin Man Heating and Cooling, Inc. today!

Our Services

Perrysburg weather can change on a dime. Tin Man has the solutions to keep you comfortable no matter the season.

Heating: Stay Warm and Worry-Free

Don’t let those frosty mornings or winter storms ruin your day. We provide furnace repairs that restore warmth, new installations for improved efficiency, and cutting-edge heat pump systems that maximize comfort and savings. Call 419.353.4448 to schedule heating service in Perrysburg.

Get Furnace Repairs Done Right

AC: Cool Down with Us

When Ohio summers strike, they STRIKE. But, when they do, you have access to our air conditioning specialists. Our expertise includes speedy AC repairs, preventative tune-ups, and full system replacements designed to keep your home an oasis of cool. For AC service in Perrysburg, there’s no one better than Tin Man.

Leave AC to the Experts

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Dust, allergens, and humidity can make your own home feel stuffy. We offer air duct cleaning, humidifier, dehumidifier installations, and high-efficiency filtration systems. Enjoy clean, fresh air year-round with help from Perrysburg’s favorite HVAC company.

Breathe a Little Easier

Geothermal: Efficiency Meets Innovation

Want to slash your energy bills and help the environment? Geothermal systems might be the perfect solution for your Perrysburg home. Let’s discuss this cutting-edge technology and the savings it offers.

Save WIth the Power of the Earth

Plumbing: No-Drip, Clear Pipes

Get ‘Service with a heart’ with complete plumbing from Tin Man Heating and Cooling, Inc.. We offer drain cleaning, leak repair, and water heater services. Our certified plumbers can work on your sinks, toilets, showers, sewer lines, and water heaters. We have a heart for plumbing. We give you the ‘courage’ to face even the worst plumbing problems.

Off to See the Plumbing Wizard

Let’s talk comfort. Contact Tin Man today for a free estimate and discover how you can enjoy Perrysburg's best in heating, cooling, and air quality.

Perrysburg Pride

Tin Man Heating and Cooling, Inc. is proud to be a part of this vibrant community. Whether fixing an AC at a local shop or helping make a new homeowner comfortable, we’re happy to contribute to Perrysburg’s success.

Call it local bias, but we really believe Perrysburg is one of the greatest places on earth. We love serving the local community by keeping it comfortable all year. So, if you’ve encountered HVAC troubles in Perrysburg, we’re the team to call.

Let Tin Man resolve whatever issue you’re struggling with—all with the expertise and knowledge you’ve come to expect.

Energy Efficiency and Savings in Perrysburg

Weather changes fast around here. One day, it’s hot and humid; the next, it’s cold and wet outside. Tin Man helps you stay comfortable and save money no matter what happens outside. Smart energy choices mean lower bills, a more reliable system, and a happier wallet—not just for this season but for years to come.


We’re not just installing any unit; we’re specialists in ENERGY STAR-rated equipment. These systems are rigorously tested to ensure they use less energy, which translates to direct savings on your monthly bills and a positive impact on the planet.

Maintenance Matters

Think of routine tune-ups as a long-term investment. They prevent those costly breakdowns, catch small problems before they become big ones, and ensure your system is always running at its best. A well-maintained system uses less energy, saving you money year-round.

The Geothermal Advantage

Geothermal systems harness a natural source of energy: the stable temperature of the ground. This innovative option delivers incredible energy savings and shrinks your carbon footprint. Curious to learn more? Wonder if it’s the right investment for your home? Let’s talk!

Quit overpaying for comfort! Contact Tin Man today and discover the savings of efficient heating and cooling.

Experience Service With a Heart

Stop sweating the small stuff (and the big stuff) when it comes to your home’s comfort. Let us handle your HVAC while you focus on taking advantage of everything Perrysburg has to offer. Contact Tin Man Heating and Cooling, Inc. for your free estimate. From ac to air conditioning and plumbing service, we’re ready to help.